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Katy Trilly
5 days ago


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Steph Gill
23 days ago

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Cynthia caldwell
2 years ago

How are things?? Have your returned to Holland??

3 years ago

We are here ,we care and hope you are safe

3 years ago

Happy new year
Well done on your NZ adventure
Looking forward to reading all about the next leg of your journey.
Bruce and Cathy currently in Bundeena,Sydney

Bob and Mary
3 years ago

Merry Christmas Harry and Roelie. Loved your blogs of NZ. Enjoy Bob and Mary

3 years ago

Hi guys!
I found your sticker in Eden, NSW at the Lookout Point!
Good luck on the rest of your travels!
We did africa before coming to Aus check out our insta @threeblazinsaddles
Highly recommend africa if you still have the energy.
Tail wind and down hills!

Wolfgang und Angelika
4 years ago

Hallo , you both cyclists,
We enjoy your blog about Laos and share your observations. Laos is going to get a province of China. When we were on the river , overnight the level rose almost 2 m. In China a dam was opened and the flood also washed the floating garbage down..
The animal must be a wild cat ( pads and tail), we presume. There is not a single bird to be heared ore wild animal to be seen.
We wish you more inspiring adventures and send you lots of best wishes.
Angelika und Wolfgang

We wish you

Bernie and Stan
4 years ago

Roelie and Harry:
We love seeing your photos and reading your blog. We hope you are having a fabulous adventure!
Your friends,
Bernie Mullins and Stan Palla

4 years ago

Hi Roelie and Harry
I was just having a look at your homepage and saw that you even mentioned my name in the blog. So funny!
Hope that you continue to have an amazing time. I will be curious to check out where you are from time to time.
All the best,
Theresa from Switzerland