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In action for the Heart Foundation: research on signal substances in the blood

Do you know that 16.7 million people per year die of a heart attack in the world? That this is the number one cause of death, worldwide?For example, do you know that 2200 people die every day due to a heart attack in the USA? That this is the number one cause of death in the USA?

A large proportion of the people have never had heart problems before.

Unlike various forms of cancer, there is no detection program for a threatening heart attack, with the terrible figures above as a result.

A heart attack is the result of arteriosclerosis, in which the blood vessels slowly clog up. Unfortunately, many people with arteriosclerosis have no symptoms until one or more arteries are so hardened that they cause a medical emergency. The heart is permanently damaged after a heart attack; in fact, a part of the heart dies.

Scientists worldwide search for signal substances in the blood to discover the risk of a heart attack.

Signal substances can predict at an early stage that something is going to go wrong in your blood vessels.

Signal substances help to assess your personal risk of a heart attack more precisely. Now a doctor does this on the basis of risk factors such as high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, smoking or obesity. But how big is the chance that the arteries will tear? And when does that happen and with whom? Those answers are not clear now. Signal substances in the blood should tell us more about this. More research is needed for this!


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