Sponsor packages

Sponsor us? Yes please! Do you have a good idea or perfect material for our worldtour? We would like to be surprised! We are happy to surprise and test what you as a sponsor are willing to give us!

Do not feel obligated to sponsor us. We enjoy all message, also from vague acquaintances or people totally unknown. Do not hesitate and leave a message, put something on our Facebook page or email us @hearttobeat.nl@gmail.com.



What do you get in return?


1. Publicity

We like to write and photograph and we will be active on social media and of course on our own website (www.heartobeat.nl). People read our blog and see our vlogs, see our photos and there will be articles in magazines en newspapers. We use our website (in Dutch and English version), post messages/photos/videos on Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo and Linkedin. We certainly respond enthusiastically when we are approached by radio, TV or newspapers. With all these options we like to pay attention to you as our sponsor. Anyway, your name, with photo or logo or whatever you want, will appear on our website.


2. Our generous thanks and our heart at your service

Without you, this gigantic challenge is not possible. Harry has undergone a lifesaving operation to his heart in 2015. We are grateful and want to give something back. With our adventure we also promote (indirect or direct) donation tot he Heart Foundation and with that the research into the earlier dicovery of a possible future heart attack. In addition, for each sponsor amount received, we will pay 10% of that amount tot he account of the Heart Foundation. Regardless of the sponsor package. For more information about our campaign, visit www.hearttobeat.nl/donate or www.voordehartstichting.nl, or simply contact us.



For more information and for questions and ideas, please contact us:


until 07-01-2018: Harry Morskate T +316 22196204

after 07-01-2018: Harjan Morskate T +316 45777823