We are Harry and Roelie Morskate from the little village of Oirschot near Eindhoven in the south of the Netherlands. Since 2012 we have done long-distance cycling, in particular cycling through Tuscany (2x), Sardinia and Puglia (Italy), Andalusia (Spain) and Rhine-Moselle-Rur (Germany). From 2015 bigger routes “from A to B”: in 2015 from our hometown to the Mediterranean Sea, in 2016 from our hometown to Rome and in 2017 we cycled the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route from the Mexican border to Jasper, Canada. This last bike ride was the most beautiful, the longest (over 6000 km, 3728 mi) and the toughest so far, but it was also a turning point in our lives, and the reason for planning our bicycle tour around the world. We're leaving the beaten path of many certainties, selling our belongings and cycling into the wide world.


Harry (1964, Heerlen) is an emotional guy, who grew up in Limburg, in the very south of the Netherlands. He makes the most out of life and doesn’t shy away from the unknown. Where he used to succumb to stylish tailor-made suits, a roaring sports car, chic dinners and luxury holidays, his attention is now devoted to minimalism, tiny housing and decluttering.

Harry studied at Utrecht University (social geography and urban planning) and worked as a manager at consultancies and municipalities for more than 25 years. Unlike most Capricorns, he is very assertive, extroverted and people-oriented. Accordingly, at work he was a real team builder and people manager. The ambitious and career-oriented “tiger" is tamed and another type of adventure has drawn his attention: to explore the world by bicycle. With his humor, passion for sporting challenges, a supernatural sense of direction and openness to people, he is the perfect companion for this adventure. I cannot live without my Harry. I have become hopelessly addicted to him.



Roelie (1975, Grou) grew up in Friesland, in the very north of the Netherlands. She is a real Frisian girl but with the southern influences of our province Brabant: She is strong, athletic and full of self-confidence, but also sociable, lively and a gourmet. Roelie has always been adventurous, having backpacked through Australia for a year, for example.

Roelie studied at the technical University of Delft (civil engineering) and worked as a project manager at a nationwide consultancy firm. She was primarily hired by municipalities to lead urban development projects. Her clients did not want her to go, but she couldn't wait to join this adventure with me.

Roelie is a great wife. First of all: I love her! In addition she is creative, handy, smart, patient, curious and enthusiastic, and she is also optimistic and positive: an ideal partner with which to discover the world together. I leave everything behind, but my Roelie has to come along!