Simple and Intense

In 2017 we cycle the Great Divide Mountainbike Route. In the Rocky Mountains we leave our normal life behind or at least push it far into the background. For a few months we say goodbye to the luxury life, the social life, the working life, the predictable life, the planned life, the worrisome life. As a team we cover more than 6000 km, trudge across the high mountains, share the views and insights and enjoy the simplicity of “eat-sleep-ride”. We’re growing even further towards each other. But even with two there is plenty of room for self-reflection during the long stages.

The continental divide, the watershed of the North American continent, becomes the turning point in our lives. We realize that we have never lived so intensely, but at the same time so simply! We also realize that we have never been so happy. We are really living and get inspired by various impressions, situations and encounters.

Once again at home, that feeling of “simple and intense” disappears quickly and makes room for “much and insignificant”. We finally come to the insight that those cars, all those useless possessions, to go to work well dressed (but with stress in our body) every day, cannot be the purpose of our lives.  At the same time we miss the cycling adventure and the feeling of freedom which is inextricably linked with it. This, in every way, happy way of life is in such big contrast with our work and life until now.  

Four weeks after our homecoming we look at each other and the next plan is made: to start pedalling again and start a new cycling adventure: a trip around the world!


Heart To Beat

At the beginning of 2015 Harry became unwell whilst mountain biking. One month and several medical examinations later he had an open heart surgery with 6 bypasses.Harry has been lucky: there had been no heart attack.  Thanks to the efforts during mountain biking the threatening closure of the veins came to light, before a heart attack could occur. A rehabilitation period followed after the operation. Harry wants to take this a step further and make a long bike ride: 3 months after the operation, he and his wife Roelie cycled from home to the Mediterranean Sea. Harry is aware that he is (and will remain) a heart patient, but he also has an unlimited confidence in (and is grateful for) his “pimped” heart. He became stronger than even before, did more sport, eats healthier and loses excess body weight. Of course Roelie goes with him. Harry and Roelie become “Heart To Beat”

In 2017 we decided to sell all our belongings and make a bicycle tour around the world.

Our motto is Heart To Beat.