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Published on 9 April 2018 at 17:12

A next phase of breaking up started in February. The house is sold and that puts everything in a new perspective. Before July 1st we have to deliver an empty house and store as little as possible! So everything has to go and that means switching to a higher level: stuffocation XL.


A project-based approach
We draw up an inventory list of things we collected in our lives. The basic question is: what to do with it? Secretly we are shifting between useless, worthless, overcomplete items (which are not on the inventory list) and that which still has value to us or can have value for another. The value category we determine whether we want to keep it (or better: loan it) or sell it. If to be sold, we will also indicate in which month we will put it up for sale. Pfff, a difficult job, but the period of selling just a few things (as in phase 1, see previous blog) is definitely over. This new phase requires a project-based approach, and that is what happens to be our profession!
That category with superfluous things (for example numerous handbags, older laptops, vases, bandages, toiletry bags and lipsticks) are not on the inventory list. We oppress as if they do not exist while they too often catch our eye and that still gives quite an uncomfortable feeling: why did we buy all those superfluoas stuff...


In February we sell things from the house that to us do not really matter but could get a nice new home. The book collection, empty photo frames, ski gear and the  backpack from Harry's festival period. Harry sells the vast majority of his silk ties, his neat shoe collection and matching belts. The Dutch brand Floris van Bommels sell easely, the \lesser-known brands go for bargain prices or are still offered for sale at the marketplace website Marktplaats.


The selling becomes more serious. In addition to Marktplaats, we also try to use the indhoven platform and test Marketplace by Facebook. Both not successful. Uncovering becomes visible:  our beloved enourmous plant is sold. A number of mood-setting lamps as well. Household appliances with a sleek design are bought by a nice guest to sell for doubbled price in Morocco. Free pick up up of 200 kg of potting soil and steel trestles leave the door in a sigh and a curse. Kitchen table chairs are sold and collected within a day. The guest bed / sofa bed was given away to a good friend. The people who slept on it last, were our first warm-shower guests. It becomes a noticeable army in our home.


The TV in the bedroom, which we never used, is sold as is the retro mirror. The mirror stays in a Tilburg tattoo parlor now! The nice Samsung vacuum cleaner has changed hands and in the Morskate house Harrys vintage students hoover 'has to do the job now. It works only if it wants to. The laundry is now done by hand. No, that is not true. Not yet at least ...

In fact, an important period is now beginning: in April we are going to sell the rather large items: table, bank, Sonos. We create time to give them a nice new home (and sell well) without the urge that we just give them to a buyer or pick them up at the marketplace for free. If it is sold quickly, we will life in an empty house early. Uncomfortable, but it also makes our departure more tangible. Piet Hein Eek's wooden table and chairs have been the "command center" of our adventure for the past six months. We do not only find him very beautiful (of course, because we have made it ourselves), we have really become attached to it. April is going to hurt ...



What's constantly being pushed forward
Well, the wedding suit of Harry and the wedding dress of Roelie have also been nominated for a while to be sold. However, we do not yet get over our hearts to put them on Marktplaats. Such a nice memory! On the other side: "fortunately we still have the photos"!



What remains
Some items are difficult to sell or even not to be collected free: vases, glasses, atlases. Managing the ads, bids and responses requires quite a lot of time on a daily base. What to do with the things we want to keep? Where do we store them or will we give them on loan? An impressive photo of Johnny Cash briefly appeared on Marktplaats before Harry's son Harjan reported. Harry used to wake up on Sunday morning when his father had the cash of the vinyl blew. In turn, Harry let his son grow up with the CDs from the American Recordings series. Now Harjan himself streams the songs of Cash in addition to all contemporary electronic dance music. To junior the honor to find a nice place for the rather large picture of "The Man in Black" in his house.

Mountainbikes and Weber-barbecue + an exaggerated range of accessories that seemed indispensable in life after a weber course, cross the Belgian border, to the holiday home of Wendy and Michel, very good friends: the mountain bikes will think they have ended up in a rest home, the barbecue, on the other hand, will have to go to the box, haha. In any case, they are in good hands.


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