Published on 10 April 2018 at 17:20

A world trip of 3 years costs money, a lot of money. A person can fare well in faraway places with a few euros a day, yet the budget shows a big challenge, let's just say. From the moment the idea of ​​a world bike ride takes shape, we have started to become more economical. Partly as a result of our trip across the Great Divide, which made us look differently at the luxurious life. Partly because you just have to save a lot.

From September onwards, we will no longer have a dinner at a restaurant if we do not feel like cooking, no city trip trips from the nearby Eindhoven airport, no luxury, unnecessary purchases at the Bijenkorf favorite department store, etc., etc .. Economics is important, but Harry gives this an extra dimension. He himself adds that - with a smelly laugh - to an increasing environmental awareness. Will we check whether this is correct?


First of all the use of the sports car. The petrol guzzling car (of course, 98 because that's better for the engine) he leaves more and more. Not that he picks up the bicycle more often, no if he can, he takes the lease car from Roelie, the fuel of which is included in the lease contract. A beet environmentally conscious, a good old crap. For the first time in 10 years Harry puts the tap closed during lathering in the shower. For the first time he uses the water saving button on the toilet. He discovers a savings and speed button on the washing machine. Lamps no longer stay on only for "atmosphere" in rooms where nobody is or no-one has a view. If it is cold in the house an extra sweater is put on. Every day the yield of the solar panels is examined. What an abnormally sunny February month!


Harry really falls by the basket when he pulls the "no-no" sticker from the mailbox, because he wants to see the advertising brochures to do cheap shopping. Since then the paper container has been on the street once a month. The messages are done at the Lidl, while he used to feed blind at AH. That has nothing to do with environmental awareness. The AH has had refrigeration doors for over 5 years and the Lidl has not. It's ice cold inside!


Final judgment
When Harry exclaims "I look like a Scrooge", Roelie is full of the situation: "you're just doing well". The economy is not greedy and the environment (and our budget) will benefit!

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