The beer jersey

Published on 22 April 2018 at 18:15

We know them from professional cycling: the yellow jersey, the pink jersey, the red jersey, etc.

Now that we make quite a few kilometers during the weekends, we also meet many, many, groups of amateur cyclists in groups of different sizes. Since a couple of weeks we have only been paying attention to one thing: who wears 'The beer jersey'?
Yes, in (almost) every group, someone has it! Just notice: the whole group tight in a group outfit, sponsored by one or other local company, but one of the group has a different shirt. This person also usually hangs in the tail of the group.

If you look a little better, this person also generally bends out with his knees outwards to give way to an imposing belly. This person may (or should?) wear a different shirt. Sponsor of the tricot: Alfa beer or some other brand of beer. Haha, he can wrap himself in The beer jersey!

We fantasize and analyze it separately: is someone nominated every time before the round about the church (and terrace) to be allowed to wear this honorable jersey? Is there a real competition battle or even competition during the week? Is the waist circumference measured at the start? Can he then wrap himself up in the shirt, where he is assisted by two  the most beautiful girls of the village who simultaneously press him a big kiss on his left and right cheek?

Or is it still a necessary evil and are the ordered group shirts in size M him a few sizes too small and he must necessarily at home looking for a 'beer jersey' between his cycling clothing?

Whatever the case: pay attention. The beer jersey is (almost) always between !!!

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